IPA: dˈæg


  • A hanging end or shred, in particular a long pointed strip of cloth at the edge of a piece of clothing, or one of a row of decorative strips of cloth that may ornament a tent, booth or fairground.
  • A dangling lock of sheep’s wool matted with dung.
  • A skewer.
  • A spit, a sharpened rod used for roasting food over a fire.
  • (obsolete) A dagger; a poniard.
  • (obsolete) A kind of large pistol.
  • The unbranched antler of a young deer.
  • (Australia slang, derogatory) One who dresses unfashionably or without apparent care about appearance; someone who is not cool; a dweeb or nerd.
  • (Australia slang, New Zealand, obsolete) An odd or eccentric person; someone who is a bit strange but amusingly so.
  • (graph theory) A directed acyclic graph; an ordered pair (V,E) such that E is a subset of some partial ordering relation on V.
  • A misty shower; dew.
  • (chiefly Ireland) Pronunciation spelling of dog. [A mammal of the family Canidae:]
  • Initialism of deputy attorney general.
  • (computer science, mathematics) Initialism of directed acyclic graph. [(graph theory, computer science) A finite directed graph that contains no directed cycles.]
  • (US, law) Initialism of Defense Acquisition Guide.
  • (biochemistry) Initialism of diacylglycerol. [(organic chemistry) diglyceride]


  • To shear the hindquarters of a sheep in order to remove dags or prevent their formation.
  • (obsolete, or dialectal) To sully; to make dirty; to bemire.
  • (transitive) To skewer food, for roasting over a fire
  • (transitive) To cut or slash the edge of a garment into dags
  • (UK, dialect) To be misty; to drizzle.

Examples of "dag" in Sentences

  • DAG and the utterance/discourse DAG.
  • Dag style isn't necessarily slovenly.
  • Dag style isn't by necessity slovenly.
  • DAG may also be converted to PA by DAG kinase.
  • The term dag can be a compliment from one dag to another.
  • A dag with an empty domain is often called an empty dag or variable.
  • Definition 4.1 Let x be a dag feature structure, and s a dag format.
  • An atomic dag neither subsumes nor is subsumed by any different atomic dag.
  • The area of the country with the heaviest precipitation is the Kopet Dag Range.
  • This is accomplished by encapsulating a particular DAG's copy environment in each of the active nodes of that DAG.

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