IPA: dˈægʌ


  • (South Africa, Zimbabwe) Indian hemp, Cannabis sativa subsp. indica, or a similar plant of the species Leonotis leonurus.
  • (South Africa) Cement.

Examples of "dagga" in Sentences

  • This becomes the perfect orifice for making a lung wrenching dagga pipe.
  • At that stage, the police supplied various drugs such as dagga, heroin and LSD to the project.
  • Prisoners rather switched to drugs such as dagga and Mandrax which were "fairly easily" available in prison.
  • In various forms it has long been familiar throughout the world: in Africa as "dagga," in China as "ma," in Northern Europe as "hemp."
  • The cleaning-up operation also comprised removing all illegal possessions, such as dagga and sharpened objects, from prison cells, he said.
  • Growing 'dagga' (cannabis) is the sole means of livelihood for most peasant farmers in Kwazulu-Natal and the eastern Cape, the report says.
  • A Port Elizabeth judge heard Hilton describe how indigenous 'dagga' weed was given to her by local entrepreneurs - posing as night club bouncers.
  • Cannabis plants that have more than 1,5 percent of the narcotic tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are classified as dagga and are illegal in South Africa because of the potential for abuse.
  • The 'dagga' (steel drum) was rusty in places and there was a dent from transport but the smaller teak wood drum was in perfect condition and they both had the recommended goat hide skins.
  • Bhudu said authorities at these sections informed prisoners that they would not strip prison privileges, but would instead conduct cell and body searches to remove unauthorised items such as dagga, alcohol and knives from prisoners.

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