IPA: dˈægɝbɔrd


  • (nautical) A retractable centreboard that slides out to act as a keel.

Examples of "daggerboard" in Sentences

  • The cockpit floor is flat with a daggerboard well.
  • The daggerboard trunk is moulded to the hull and deck.
  • It weighs approximately 165 pounds and has a daggerboard.
  • A daggerboard is a retractable keel used by various sailing craft.
  • A 'daggerboard' is a retractable keel used by various sailing craft.
  • It features a cat rig, and unlike the other boats above, it has a daggerboard.
  • Racing dinghies usually have a daggerboard or centerboard to better sail upwind.
  • In extreme winds it is necessary on some boards to change the daggerboard or centerboard.
  • Green Dragon was the worst affected, suffering a damaged daggerboard when a line sawed into it.
  • Besides some broken sails, they suffered a huge wipe out, breaking a rudder, daggerboard and bowsprit, and shredding their spinnaker in the process.
  • It gave the shore crew time to make some serious improvements to the boat including new daggerboard bearings which we hope will improve the underwater hydrodynamics.
  • Jon and Ben managed to roll over the top at the start of the run, but overstood the finish and let Andy and Tom through, until a broken daggerboard cost them the race.
  • Meanwhile, Tom Braidwood / AUS and Damien Foxall / IRL have been busy fixing other things, including water leaking badly through the glue joining the port daggerboard.
  • They reported that they dragged the long line for a while before finally cutting it, bringing nearly 10 metres on board and suspect there is some minor damage to the daggerboard which may require repair.
  • "In the first race, it was a bit tricky - after the start people were not sure about planing with daggerboard, but I believed in going planing and until the end of the first upwind it paid off," recounted Mashiah.
  • He may have had a slightly nervous start to his day, discovering when he was rigging up that he had a crack in the top of his supplied daggerboard which was replaced with one which had been repaired, but he finished brimful of confidence and well set for the final stages.

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