IPA: dˈeɪgoʊ


  • (UK, slang, offensive, ethnic slur) A person of Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, or other Mediterranean descent.
  • (US, Australia, slang, offensive, ethnic slur) A person of Italian descent.

Examples of "dago" in Sentences

  • This year he's one quarter of Il Dago.
  • Meh all that dago hand wringing is way above my league.
  • Dago as you probably already know, is a serious ethnic slur.
  • Sergeant Dago was immediately arrested and apparently confessed to the crime.
  • Iam a 24 year old male from dago, I am currently majoring in criminal justice.
  • You will never win an Italian as long as you call him or think of him as "dago," nor a Jew while you nickname him "sheeny."
  • Italian, though he spoke the vernacular of the country, was the god of the "dago" quarter, the friend of those who had gotten entangled with the law.
  • Africa, the religion and empire-building of yellow Asia, the art and science of the "dago" Mediterranean shore, east, south, and west, as well as north.
  • CHAPTER V. Bennett's "dago," when halted by Number Four, was as limp a specimen of humanity as that drowsy young trooper had seen in all his soldier days.
  • But they will accuse you of being a Persian because you are an Indian, as I have heard a man called a dago because he was born somewhere south of a certain line.
  • I spent my growing up years fighting mostly for my "dago" friends, not my black friends because they were good friends and went to school and were harassed and were in a minority.
  • "Sh.cabka Soomaaliyeed hadii ay iga dalbadaan inaan xilkayga ka dago waan ka dagayaa, anigoo u daneynaya shacbka, balse si kale ugama tagayo shaqadayda" ayuu yiri Sh. Aadan Madoobe.
  • Against this surging forward of Irish and German, of Russian Jew, Slav and "dago" her social bars have not availed, but against Negroes she can and does take her unflinching and immovable stand, backed by this new public policy of
  • Milder forms of antagonism consist in sending the immigrant workers "to Coventry," using contemptuous language of or to them, as we hear every day in "dago" or "sheeny," and in objections by the elders to the young people associating together, while the shameful use that is continually made of the immigrants as strike-breakers may rouse such mutual indignation that there are riots and pitched battles as a consequence.

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