IPA: dˈɑgˈɛr


  • french inventor of the first practical photographic process, the daguerreotype (1789-1851)

Examples of "daguerre" in Sentences

  • Bry's most treasured artwork is a diorama painted by Louis Daguerre.
  • Daguerre is a circular formation near the north end of Mare Nectaris.
  • Daguerre would not reveal the manipulatory details of his process until August.
  • ant1st, as "baron daguerre said..." said, it's not the "confidence permeating through the hair", it's the "hair permeating through the lycra".
  • By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater mid point that is closest to Daguerre.
  • He took a card from his stack of papers and pushed it across to me: a daguerre print of an earnest weed with flowing locks and a wispy goatee, like a poetic usher.

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