IPA: dˈæɫjʌ


  • Any plant of the genus Dahlia, tuberous perennial flowering plants native to Mexico.
  • A female given name from English.

Examples of "dahlia" in Sentences

  • Damn it,dahlia,I'm talking to you.
  • Aunt Dahlia and Gussie seem to be it.
  • There are at least 36 species of dahlia.
  • Redirecting to Dahlia would make no sense.
  • This also fits in with the Black Dahlia murder.
  • The novel heavily features the case of the Black Dahlia.
  • A dahlia from the garden of AKS, shot Labor Day weekend 2008.
  • Travers is the he husband of Aunt Dahlia and the uncle of Bertie Wooster.
  • There is also the dahlia piercing, which are by the creases of the mouth.
  • Blue Dahlia were a throwback to jazz and the jazz influence of the 1940's.
  • The term "dahlia" is used for the first time in 1791, when Cavanilles publishes Icones et Descriptiones Plantarum.
  • Strangely, no blue variety has ever been cultivated, hence "blue dahlia" is sometimes used figuratively for something impossible or unattainable.
  • Modern botanists agree that the dahlia is native to Mexico and Guatemala, but how did it come to be cultivated so widely all over the world today for its showy flowers?
  • Later in the sixteenth century, the dahlia is described in the Codex Barberini, dating from 1552, and lost for centuries prior to its rediscovery in the Vatican Library in 1929.

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