IPA: dˈeɪkɑn


  • An East Asian cultivar or subspecies of garden radish (Raphanus raphanistrum subsp. sativus, syn. Raphanus sativus) bearing a large, white, carrot-shaped taproot consumed throughout East and South Asia but grown in North America primarily as a fallow crop for its fast-growing leaves (used as animal fodder) and as a soil ripper.
  • (Japanese cuisine) The usual Japanese cultivar, Japanese radish.
  • Closely-related cultivars such as the enormous turnip-shaped Sakurajima or green-and-red watermelon radish.

Examples of "daikon" in Sentences

  • Daikon is very low in food energy.
  • It is made of rice flour and white daikon.
  • All the Google hits are pulling up daikon.
  • Additionally, daikon is very good for digestion.
  • It might be related to a daikon, it's not daikon.
  • Another one just got pounded to death with a daikon.
  • But I still think that Lisa's daikon is more erotic ....
  • Bettarazuke. is a kind of pickled daikon popular in Tokyo.
  • The literal meaning of the word daikon is Japanese white radish.
  • One of the famous products of Nerima is the Nerima daikon radish.
  • Daikon island is also a small volcano called Daikon island volcano.
  • Are radish and daikon the same plants, or is one of them taxed incorrectly
  • I could have swore itlooked and tasted like ginger … usually pickled daikon is cut a lot thicker, isn’t it?
  • Some flavors like mint, cilantro, and the large Asian radish called daikon are so bright and clean that one bite makes you do a double take.
  • Unfortunately, he also nicknamed her "daikon", since the shape of her pigtails reminded him of a daikon radish, a word that also means 'bad actor'.
  • And there are the large, long white Asian radishes, best known by the Japanese term daikon, which can be more than a foot/25 cm long and weigh 6 lb/3 kg.
  • But I think kimchi has more micronutrients in it, though, bec. there's ginger, hot pepper, buchu (garlic chives, medicinal) and nappa cabbage (as opposed to regular cabbage) has the l. plantarum, a daikon, which is a hugely natural source of probiotics.

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