IPA: dˈeɪɫi


  • Something that is produced, consumed, used, or done every day.
  • A newspaper that is published every day.
  • (UK) A cleaner who comes in daily.
  • (UK, slang) A daily disposable.
  • (video games) A quest in a massively multiplayer online game that can be repeated every day for cumulative rewards.
  • (US, automotive, colloquial) A daily driver.
  • (US, film, television) Raw, unedited footage traditionally developed overnight and viewed by the cast and crew the next day.
  • A surname.


  • (US, automotive, colloquial) To drive an automobile frequently, on a daily basis, for regular and mundane tasks.


  • That occurs every day, or at least every working day
  • diurnal, by daylight, as opposed to nightly


  • quotidianly, every day
  • diurnally, by daylight

Examples of "daily" in Sentences

  • The publisher is the Daily Times.
  • The arboretum is open to the public daily.
  • Her daily life was routinely and unvaried.
  • He worked as a freelancer and for the 'Daily Mirror'.
  • Is the Daily News as outwardly conservative as the Post
  • By the 1970s, the Collegian was consistently publishing daily.
  • The Daily Collegian is the largest daily college newspaper in New England.
  • Burke worked as a newsboy, selling the Chicago Daily News for eight years.
  • It's an effective one, playing well in the Daily Torygraph and the Daily Moan.
  • Cover the main criticism points, and let the news take care of the daily grind.
  • The foot-rests, which cannot be removed, accumulate the dirt carried in daily from the street by the many little feet.
  • Enclave Liberation Front (FLEC) denounced what it called daily repression and serious human rights violations by Angolan forces in
  • However, he dropped a threat to the show's production house Warner Bros. during his one of his workouts, or what he calls his "daily descent into death."
  • It was not of great account, as he ran not the slightest risk of contradiction whatever he said; and as no person ever willingly went twice to his exhibitions, he could vary the title daily without fear of discovery.
  • There remained, as a source of much gratification, what I called the daily dramatic performance at St. Jude's; and there remained as the one study worthy of serious devotion and interest -- Sylvia Wheeler's own soul.
  • He said the alliance has moved to 24-hour surveillance by sophisticated aircraft and is closely monitoring what he called daily, even hourly, "reports about new acts of violence perpetrated by the Libyan regime against civilians."
  • - used the Delicious firefox extension to replace my bookmarks folder toolbar - Instead, I use the 'Favorite tags' view and use delicious tags like '@daily' (borrowing the at symbol from GTD's contexts) to have quick access to all the sites I use on a daily basis.

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