IPA: dˈæʃ


  • (typography) Any of the following symbols: ‒ (figure dash), – (en dash), — (em dash), or ― (horizontal bar).
  • (computing) A hyphen or minus sign.
  • (by extension) The longer of the two symbols of Morse code.
  • A short run, flight.
  • A rushing or violent onset.
  • Violent strike; a whack.
  • A small quantity of a liquid substance etc.; less than 1/8 of a teaspoon.
  • (figurative, by extension) A slight admixture.
  • Ostentatious vigor.
  • A dashboard.
  • (Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia) A bribe or gratuity; a gift.
  • (dated, euphemistic) A stand-in for a censored word, like "Devil" or "damn". (Compare deuce.)
  • (Internet, informal) The dashboard of a Tumblr user.
  • A topographic surname.
  • (rare) A male given name transferred from the surname.
  • (web development, video) Acronym of Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP.


  • (intransitive) To run quickly or for a short distance.
  • (intransitive, informal) To leave or depart.
  • (transitive) To destroy by striking (against).
  • (transitive) To throw violently.
  • (transitive, intransitive, sometimes figurative) To sprinkle; to splatter.
  • (transitive, dated) To mix, reduce, or adulterate, by throwing in something of an inferior quality.
  • (transitive, of hopes or dreams) To ruin; to destroy.
  • (transitive) To dishearten; to sadden.
  • (transitive, usually with down or off) To complete hastily.
  • (transitive) To draw or write quickly; jot.
  • (transitive, dated, euphemistic) Damn (in forming oaths).

Examples of "dash" in Sentences

  • The men dashed off to work.
  • The amount of dashes needs to be culled.
  • Add a dash of salt and knead the mass well.
  • The dash is the circumvention of that issue.
  • The happiness of the family is then cruelly dashed.
  • The entire reason for the show was dashed to sunder.
  • The dashed line indicates the mean arterial pressure.
  • The bottom of the dash holds the speedometer and odometer.
  • A unloaded firearm or locket up in dash is useless if needed.
  • The dashed line on top is the sum of the functions in the partition.
  • The Z Burst Dash is a much faster and more evasive version of the Dragon Dash.
  • STARR: From her desk, or what she calls her dash board, Jonas monitors everything.
  • The double dash is effective for helping a thought within a sentence be propelled into the limelight.
  • Her headlong dash from the bar, only to be whisked away by someone she still can't quite believe isn't an enemy.
  • However, I also think that comics 'adherence for the double-dash instead of the M-dash is an unnecessary relic of the Great Typewriter Squeeze.
  • The double dash is also used in comics to set off phrases within a sentence -- as in other written prose -- not just at the end of a broken off sentence.
  • It reminded me of when I saw Independence Day one summer day in New York, emerging afterwards into the full-on Manhattan Friday five o'clock rush hour just like the mad dash from the aliens the New Yorkers made in the movie.

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