IPA: dʌʃˈin


  • Old cocoyam; the edible starchy yellow tuber of the taro plant.

Examples of "dasheen" in Sentences

  • Malanga is a tuber also known as yautía, taro, or dasheen.
  • Taro is a much more widely used name for what is called here dasheen.
  • Dasheen flour was said to make excellent pancakes when mixed with wheat flour.
  • The next vegetable is a rather exotic one for me: Taro root, also known as dasheen.
  • Exports—commodities: bananas 39%, eddoes and dasheen (taro), arrowroot starch; tennis racquets
  • The joke is that when the anti-doping people test Bolt all they will find is yam, dasheen, cassava and dumplings.
  • Most upland varieties (dasheen and eddoe) mature quicker than the paddy-grown taro, in 180 - 120 days versus 240 - 300 days.
  • Dasheen is widely used in Jamaica and other Caribbean islands by boiling it and serving it with almost any type of protein source.
  • Her brother, sister and countless cousins and well-wishers showed up to show support and eat the cooked goat and chicken w/ rice and peas rice & gungo peas, dasheen and plantain.
  • Taro and Dasheen Taro and dasheen are two of many names for tubers of a water-loving plant native to eastern Asia and the Pacific islands, Colocasia esculenta, which is in the arum family as are calla lilies and philodendrons.

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