IPA: dˈæstɝdɫi


  • In the manner of a dastard; marked by cowardice; pusillanimous.
  • Treacherous; given to backstabbing.


  • In a cowardly or treacherous fashion.

Examples of "dastardly" in Sentences

  • They humiliated him which is a dastardly deed.
  • Sniggering at the Queen is unthinkably dastardly.
  • Others find the use dastardly and want it changed.
  • But the weasels have a dastardly plan to sabotage his efforts.
  • Inkatha denied involvement in what it called a dastardly attack.
  • Hopefully I have redeemed the dastardly act of revoking a barnstar.
  • Darren's final dastardly deed was to con Ian Beale and Barry Clark.
  • A list of dastardly incidents aimed at stifling Uthayan is given separately.
  • It was not intended as a dastardly plot to damage the interests of colonials.
  • People break into a panic, and JubJub, Dastardly and Corporal flee the scene.
  • The Ragossians have invaded the earth with a dastardly bacteriological weapon
  • I wouldn't call her dastardly, but there's a good bit of cruelty to the narrator of
  • Or am I the Chief Constable in dastardly disguise ….? on December 28, 2006 at 9: 21 am | Reply M&MBM
  • British Ambassador to Afghanistan William Patey said that what he called a "dastardly, cowardly attack designed to attack British interests" had instead caused the deaths of many Afghans
  • Astonished at his own feelings, and indignant at what he termed a dastardly weakness, he found it necessary to argue with himself, and his rapid thoughts said, “Do I not feel the necessity of this act!
  • In a nationwide address, President Jonathan said there will be a judicial commission of inquiry into what he calls "dastardly acts of violence" that recall the days before Nigeria's Biafran civil war, in the late 1960's."
  • But do not accelerate it; thou wilt not be called dastardly if thou honorably preservest thy life -- and Erinnys, [153] with her murky tempest, enters not the dwelling where the gods receive a sacrifice from the hands [of the inmates].
  • Lord Methuen described as dastardly the firing by the enemy on ambulance waggons, the shooting of a British officer by a wounded Boer, and the use of Dum-Dum bullets; but he refused to believe that these acts were characteristic of the enemy; he would give them credit until he was convinced to the contrary that they wished to fight fair and square.

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