data processing

IPA: dˈeɪtʌprˈɑsɛsɪŋ


  • Any of many techniques in which data is retrieved, stored, classified, manipulated, transmitted and/or reported in such a way as to generate information; especially such processing using computers.


IPA: dˈeɪtʌprˈɑsɛsɪŋ


  • Of or pertaining to manipulation of data, usually on computers.

Examples of "data-processing" in Sentences

  • Firms like Cloudera help companies apply Hadoop to their data-processing [...]
  • He is pitching the state's brisk climate as an ideal draw for data-processing centers.
  • A decade ago, exports were led by semiconductors, data-processing machines and other high-tech products.
  • The elusive data-processing system was taken off the market in 1969 after just seven years and hasn't been widely used since.
  • A weekly table , A Week in the Life of the DJIA, contained erroneous data in Saturday's edition due to a data-processing error.
  • Otto Schulze for The Wall Street Journal Pipes to be used in the construction of EchoStar Broadcasting's new,77,000 square-foot data-processing center in Cheyenne, Wyo.
  • One tribal success story is Lakota Technologies, which has attracted call-center and data-processing work and trained hundreds of young people since it started more than a decade ago.
  • NREL also achieved substantial energy savings in its data-processing center by using ambient air, rather than mechanically cooled air, on most days to keep the servers from overheating.

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