data structure

IPA: dˈeɪtʌstrˈʌktʃɝ


  • (computer science) Any way of storing and organizing data in a computer so that it can be accessed efficiently.

Examples of "data-structure" in Sentences

  • List out few of the Application of tree data-structure?
  • A binary tree is a very useful data-structure, since it allows efficient insertion, searching and deletion in a sorted list.
  • Presumably I'll have to do this often (a one-time cost likely isn't prohibitive), and that means my data-structure of an unsorted array probably sucks
  • The enterprise level system's "superior relational data-structure" integrates information from all customer touchpoints; enabling users to unlock the full value of that data.
  • For example, on Thursday I was making great progress creating a prototype for Love in The Time of Credit, then I realized I needed to use an array or some kind of data-structure.
  • On Friday I found my calls for assistence met with vague pointers to the Game Maker´s data-structure documentation, and I was left trying to figure out which of the six structures to use and how.
  • On the other hand, the data-structure theory (to which quasi-pictorialists retreat when literal pictorialism is challenged) is really just a version of Pylyshyn's own description theory, and, properly understood, has none of the special intuitive, explanatory, or predictive advantages that picture theorists claim for their views.
  • Could it do so even where it had to map a casual conversational message (the "Judgement") accurately to an information-rich data-structure (the "Image", or the expanded I-Ching itself, in essence, as systematised wisdom) that modeled the particularities of the context in enough detail to disambiguate those cases where one statement has two entirely different responses in entirely different contexts?

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