IPA: dˈeɪtʌbʌɫ


  • That may be ascribed a date or age.
  • Suitable for dating (romantic outings).

Examples of "dateable" in Sentences

  • How could I have actually believed I was a dateable person?
  • In her 2007 study, results showed that young women who wished to be seen as attractive and highly dateable distanced themselves from feminist labeling.
  • The blog also reviewed the schools with the most alcohol consumption, the happiest student bodies, the most dateable student bodies and most nights spent out, among others.
  • When asked who would be the most "dateable" U.S. politicians, 32% of the men selected Sarah Palin (32%), followed by Christine O'Donnell (22%), M. Teresa Ruiz (18%), Hillary Rodham Clinton (6%), and Condoleeza Rice (5%).
  • For years after our pathetic nonrelationship, I had regretted my inexperience and lack of appeal, wondering if I could ever bridge the gap between insecure, unsure Andi and this confident Amanda person I should be in order to be truly dateable.
  • Maybe she doesn't want to talk to you specifically after your games for a good reason, you might try and see if that's the case (like does she do that at only the rink, or at other places as well?). eff cat and mouse. but i'm assuming that since you're ... "dateable", she wanted a piece of that. girls are weird like that.
  • Not even the passibly-cute chick love interest, who was more like the girl you might meet at an Earth Day rally who wants to help the earth but still likes to shave her legs, so she's still dateable, even though she's not as hot as any girl you know outside of this event but she likes listening to Joy Division so she's kind of interesting.

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