• (UK dialect or archaic) A river or watercourse.
  • Name of Enki in Akkadian and Babylonian mythology.
  • Initialism of executive assistant.
  • (US) Initialism of enrolled agent.
  • (Canada) Initialism of educational assistant.
  • (organic chemistry) Initialism of ethyl acetate. [(organic chemistry) The ethyl ester of acetic acid; CH₃COOCH₂CH₃]
  • (law) Initialism of environmental assessment. [An assessment of the environmental consequences of a plan, policy, or project prior to the decision to move forward.]
  • (computing) Initialism of enterprise architecture. [(software) the disposition and interrelationship of all the management, information and computing systems within an organization]
  • (computing, biology) Initialism of evolutionary algorithm.
  • (philosophy) Initialism of effective altruism. [(ethics, philosophy) A philosophy and social movement that advocates the use of evidence and reasoning to determine the most effective ways to benefit others.]
  • (philosophy) Initialism of effective altruist. [(ethics, philosophy) A proponent of effective altruism ("a philosophy and social movement that advocates the use of evidence and reasoning to determine the most effective ways to benefit others").]
  • (video games) Initialism of Electronic Arts.
  • (Islam) Initialism of Eid al-Adha. [An Islamic festival commemorating the prophet Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his son Ismail to Allah.]
  • Initialism of East Africa. [The eastern part of the continent of Africa.]

Examples of "ea" in Sentences

  • Issues related to the third EAS.
  • Thanks for looking at the EA article.
  • EA was the other publisher of the game.
  • Ea is a redirect to a disambiguation page.
  • Both Ea and Enki are treated in this article.
  • EAS no longer exists and is no longer available.
  • The soundtrack was distributed by Atlantic and ea.
  • The values for A and Ea are dependent on the reaction.
  • As such, EA is fundamentally the architecture of an enterprise.
  • Exultemus et laetemur in ea, Alleluia! posted by John at 9: 54 AM
  • o Paauhau, nana ae la lakou e ku ana ka ea o ka lepo o uka, ninau aku la
  • EA requires the player to authenticate the game online upon installation.
  • When they sighted the woman they called ea - gerly; plainly they were friends.
  • LOL ea, that is exactly where I am, trying to waste time because it's a slow work day!
  • As regards lengthening in question it is to be noted that the well known contraction for "ea" or "e" has been uniformly transliterated "e."
  • 2385, Haly Abbas, Regalis dispositionis, Practica 1: 19, fol. 151ra: In primis namque quatuor mensibus est in ea fetus debilis, et opus est ei cibo.
  • Mandalyn: most people here are spelling beatles wrong its "ea" cause thats the way john lennon wanted it spelled ... but of course this has nothing to do with the beatles and i'm going on and on again well thats all ...
  • Etenim hoc quod imputant nobis qui sunt a Valentino, in ea quae deorsum Ebdomade dicentes nos remanere, quasi non adtollentes in altum mentem neque quae sursum sunt sentientes, quoniam portentiloquium ipsorum non recipimus, hoc idem ipsum qui a Basilide sunt his imputant.
  • Cum perlatum ad nos fuisset, fratres carissimi, frumentarios esse missos qui me Uticam per ducerent, consilioque carissimorum persuasum est, ut de hortis interim recederemus, justa interveniente causa, consensi; eo quod congruat episcopum in ea civitate, in qua Ecclesiae dominicae praeest, illie.
  • 43C: Si ergo omnes tales necesse est perire, merito debet intolerabilis esse tristitia toti Ecclesiae, pro ea mutatione, quam in ea fecit Deus, in hoc quod interdixit circumcisionem et pro ea baptismum constituit, et tanta millia animarum in perditionem ire permittit, quibus putatur prodesse baptismus, et non eis prodest, ut docet haeresis vestra.

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