IPA: ˈitʃ


  • (operations, philosophy) An individual item: the least quantitative unit in a grouping.


  • For one; apiece; per.
  • Individually; separately; used in a sentence with a plural subject to indicate that the action or state described by the verb applies to all members of the described group individually, rather than collectively to the entire group.

Examples of "each" in Sentences

  • Each person has unique human leukocyte antigens.
  • Individual toads usually pick the same spot for torpor each year.
  • Each individual puts an earring on the opposite ear than the other.
  • Each cyclist covered the course individually in the qualifying round.
  • The map to the right indicates the alignment of each individual country.
  • They believe passionately in the dignity and unique value of each person.
  • Kupets was the only gymnast to medal on each of the four individual events.
  • Each step produces a deliverable, either a document, code, or a test report.
  • Instead, the catalog of each label reveals the personal tastes of the curator.
  • In addition, each individual unit is available to function as a spot light or a floodlight.
  • _Every_ denotes each without exception, and can now only be used with reference to more than two objects; _each_ may refer to two or more.
  • The first seven structure to be placed around each for the wellness and betterment of everyone. ..each person, each community, each nation.
  • Where the valley is a flat one, with rising ground at each side, there should be a sub-main, to receive the laterals from _each_ hill side.
  • P £, D F I homologous to the fides B C» A B, A C9 each to each» becaufe the one & the other of thofe V are equal each to each to the V P* f.
  • The difference between each () and a manual JavaScript loop is that each () automatically maps the "this" object to the element in the collection being processed.
  • It appears to me that, given a differentiation of a species into two forms, each of which was adapted to a special sphere of existence, every slight degree of sterility would be a positive advantage, not to the _individuals_ who were sterile, but to _each form_.
  • "In whatever light we consider their invention, as parts of _one whole_, relative to each other, or independent _each of the rest_, and as single subjects, there can be scarcely named a beauty or a mystery, of which the Cartoons furnish not an instance or a clue; _they are poised between perspicuity and pregnancy of moment_."
  • On the first day he opened, he said to the assembled school that he wanted each scholar to consider him as _a friend_; that he desired nothing but their good; and that it was for the interest of _each one_ of them that _all_ should be careful to observe the few and simple rules which he should lay down for the government of the school.
  • I find “I can tell each one what they make, ” “each fellow put their foot on the line, ” “nobody can do what they like” and “she was one of these kind89 of people” in Charters, and “I am not the kind of man that is always thinking about their record, ” “if he was to hit a man in the head… they would think their nose tickled” in Lardner.
  • But in my Method the aim is _to repeat as much of the sentence as is possible informing the question and the whole of it in each reply_; and in _question and reply_ the _word_ that _constitutes the point of both_ is to be especially _emphasized_, and in this way _the mind is exercised on each word of the sentence twice_ (once in question and once in answer), and _each word of the sentence is emphasized in reference to the whole of the sentence_.

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