IPA: ˈigɝ


  • A surname.
  • Alternative form of eagre (tidal bore). [a tidal bore]


  • (intransitive) To be or become eager.
  • (intransitive) To express eagerness.
  • (transitive) To make or encourage to be eager


  • Desirous; keen to do or obtain something.
  • (computing theory) Not employing lazy evaluation; calculating results immediately, rather than deferring calculation until they are required.
  • (dated) Brittle; inflexible; not ductile.
  • (obsolete, literal) Sharp; sour; acid.
  • (obsolete, figurative) Sharp; keen; bitter; severe.

Examples of "eager" in Sentences

  • He was eager to beat his enemy.
  • He was eager to civilize the tribe.
  • Cycloid is tough and eager to fight.
  • I'm most acquiescent and eager to please.
  • Dolson is a firebrand eager to change the Church.
  • He takes to the seas, eager to discover the world.
  • They are eager to seize the epiphyte for themselves.
  • Also, the eagerness to 'advertise' the process concerns me.
  • He is one of the members of the Wikipedia and was eager to join.
  • Pastor Matthews show a lot of passion and eagerness to preach the Gospel.
  • Only a certain eager alertness showed the delight he took in her presence.
  • Right wingers on the board again eager to turn America's children in to hamburger without so much as a thought.
  • Maeve had heard little past the word eager and then Lisa asking if they could leave early if they were finished.
  • "Under such circumstances, investors will likely remain eager to buy long-term JGBs for an extended period and the yields could extend declines," he added.
  • If you are in eager to relieve yourself but fail to find a toilet in Wuhan, Hubei, you can ask a special toilet guide to show you the way, the Changjiang Commercial News reported.
  • As a one-time chimp fondler myself, I started scratching under my arms and wolfing down bananas in eager anticipation of the DWTS results show (an unprecedented display of enthusiasm!).
  • Plucky Anna bounces back from her ordeal the next morning, so eager is she to get a Van Gogh back to the nice lady who deserves it, but a Romanian tycoon dispatches a tiny hit woman to steal the painting away.
  • So eager is the country to accommodate Mr. Bush that Parliament unanimously approved a bill last month allowing “American forces to engage in any kind of operation, including the use of force, in order to provide security for the president.”

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