eager beaver

IPA: ˈigɝbˈivɝ


  • (idiomatic, colloquial) One (especially a child) who is very excited or enthusiastic to begin a task; a person who is exceedingly assiduous in an enthusiastic manner

Examples of "eager-beaver" in Sentences

  • An investigator operating alone could be too easily accused of planting evidence by an eager-beaver defense attorney.
  • The opening scene was of a body found in a swamp, slapped on the exam table, with an eager-beaver troop of Woodchucks standing by.
  • "OK, keep an eye on Peggy," he says, referring to Elisabeth Moss 'character, who's evolved from eager-beaver partner to feminist this season.
  • And I would extend the "leave this space alone" rule to the notices of events around campus that eager-beaver work study students (I assume) post on the stall doors.
  • In high school, as an eager-beaver reader, I turned out dozens of enthusiastic if naïve book reviews, filling the exercise book meant expressly for this purpose, long before I was meant to.
  • Voters arriving at their early polling places in Prince George's County last week said they were stormed by eager-beaver candidates and campaign workers who pushed literature into their hands before they had a chance to put them up in protest.
  • Here is where the sea formed anew, and widened, and deepened, and where sediments from another river, and the carcasses of microorganisms, were deposited, buried, baked, until finally -- the enchanting payoff of the story if you're an eager-beaver oil executive -- the organic matter turned into oil.

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