IPA: ˈigɝɫi


  • In an eager manner.

Examples of "eagerly" in Sentences

  • Eagerly they rushed to the treasure.
  • I eagerly await the judgment on the article.
  • He eagerly registered as part of the Initiative.
  • Ferdinando eagerly assumed the government of Tuscany.
  • The British eagerly jumped on the source of information.
  • He spread the idea of the religious reformation eagerly.
  • The bobens eagerly awaited the new bun in the oven to be born.
  • Chrysippus threw himself eagerly into the study of the Stoic system.
  • Brauns was the only one left with ambition and eagerly took the reigns.
  • “Hi, Jake!” she called eagerly as she ran up the embankment to the road.
  • I'm also curious of the results of this cu and eagerly awaiting the results.
  • Heavy Rain is a title eagerly awaited by a certain kind of "serious" video game player.
  • And I was weak a little with the tumult and force of my emotion; but in a moment I called eagerly with my brain-elements to
  • Students who had been successful during the term eagerly flipped through their portfolios, pointing out all of their good grades.
  • They dived in eagerly, keen to grab the best titles and within minutes were being read to by Christina and Juana, two of the project leaders.
  • You tuck in eagerly, buttery pastry flaking into your lap, as the sun rises and burns night from the sky - as the night's fog dissipates, rolls back into the sea.
  • When Dewey's name was officially placed in nomination at the GOP convention in Philadelphia that year, he was hailed as "American's greatest administrator" -- a label eagerly slapped on Romney today by Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.

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