IPA: ˈigɝnʌs


  • The state or quality of being eager; ardent desire.
  • (obsolete) Tartness, sourness.

Examples of "eagerness" in Sentences

  • Also, the eagerness to 'advertise' the process concerns me.
  • Pastor Matthews show a lot of passion and eagerness to preach the Gospel.
  • I get the impression that Darcy Burner really believes that eagerness is a substitute for depth.
  • Chook! she was crying, and the dogs whined and yelped in eagerness of desire and effort to overtake Big
  • What we call eagerness, enthusiasm, passion, refers to the intensity of an instinct, wish, desire or purpose.
  • Miss Jean heard their voices, first low and awestricken, rising in eagerness and loudness as they got further from the house.
  • Mrs. Powle made them with ceremonious respect, not make believe, and with a certain eagerness which welcomed a diversion from Eleanor's somewhat troublesome agitation.
  • Their silent, concentrated eagerness is a piteous sight, as the cover is slowly lifted from the heavy brass box in which the dice are kept, on the cast of which many of them have staked all they possess.
  • The child, as soon as he can use his limbs, pants for exercise: it is the instinct that seeks future welfare in present gratification; he flies with eagerness from the nursery to the garden; so Nature wisely stimulates to firm the limbs, and brace the whole system of the future man.
  • Between me and the light, the better to see us, a lad had climbed on to a high ledge, close against the luxurious overhanging foliage – all lit up from the dying glow – of the precipitous rock, and, wearing only a red loin-cloth on his shining dusky skin, stretched forward in eagerness, quite unconscious of his graceful poise.
  • But it may perhaps have been a matter almost of indifference to him, till you undertook its defence; then make it of consequence by rising in eagerness, in proportion to the insignificance of your object; if he can draw consequences, this will be an excellent lesson: if you are so tender of blame in the veriest trifles, how impeachable must you be in matters of importance!

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