IPA: ˈigʌɫ


  • Any of several large carnivorous and carrion-eating birds in the family Accipitridae, having a powerful hooked bill and keen vision.
  • (US, numismatics, historical) A gold coin with a face value of ten dollars, formerly used in the United States.
  • (historical, numismatics) A 13th-century coin minted in Europe and circulated in England as a debased sterling silver penny, outlawed under Edward I of England.
  • (golf) A score of two under par for a hole.
  • (codename) The Apollo Lunar Module of Apollo 11.
  • A surname transferred from the nickname, from the name of the bird as a byname. See eagle.
  • Any of a number of rivers in the United States and Canada.
  • A number of places in the United States:
  • A city in Alaska.
  • A town, the county seat of Eagle County, Colorado.
  • A city in Idaho.
  • A village in Michigan.
  • A village in Nebraska.
  • A town in New York.
  • A village in Wisconsin.
  • A village in Eagle and Swinethorpe parish, North Kesteven district, Lincolnshire, England (OS grid ref SK8767).
  • (scouting) An Eagle Scout.
  • (scouting) An advancement to the Eagle Scout rank.


  • (golf) To score an eagle.

Examples of "eagle" in Sentences

  • Eagles are volant and fast.
  • The eagle turned to the right.
  • The bald eagle embodied courage.
  • The athletic mascot is the Eagle.
  • The eagle symbolizes the power of the state.
  • In the right corner, there is an eagle nestling.
  • The Steppe Eagle is the national animal of Egypt.
  • The eagle was the heraldic animal of the Free Imperial City of Ulm.
  • He scolds the eagle and urges the beetle to stay away from the bird.
  • However the eagle is always looking to the right signifying that the
  • I'd hate to see one of the little scamps disappearing into an eagle owl's nest.
  • Between the text and the eagle is a concentric circle of 50 small five-point stars.
  • (That's what he called our eagle and stars on the flag.) 'Why,' says the first leftenant,
  • Above the eagle is a concentric banner below STATES OF, folded back at the ends, displaying E PLURIBUS UNUM.
  • In the center of the eagle is a deer head, which signifies the shamanic soul that conveys wisdom through ritual chants.
  • Around the eagle is a circle formed by two branches, olive on the left and palm on the right, tied at the bottom with a bow, and barely separated at the top.
  • Why what on airth is the meanin of this, said the Captain, why dont they haul down that damn goose and gridiron (thats what he called our eagle and stars on the flag.)
  • Eg, it is against the law to possess certain eagle feathers even if you just pick them up off the ground (unless one has a certain native american tribal affiliation).
  • Contrast "another angel," or messenger, with "the everlasting Gospel," Re 14: 6. through the midst of heaven -- Greek, "in the mid-heaven," that is, in the part of the sky where the sun reaches the meridian: in such a position as that the eagle is an object conspicuous to all. the inhabiters of the earth -- the ungodly, the "men of the world," whose

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