IPA: ˈigʌɫˈaɪd


  • Having great visual acuity, especially the ability to see at a distance.
  • Keenly perceptive.

Examples of "eagle-eyed" in Sentences

  • During recess she was eagle-eyed, paying particularly close attention to the most vulnerable students.
  • Each time Ahmadinejad visits the United Nations and fills yet another room full of eagle-eyed reporters, I can't help but feel shame.
  • Later in the season there's a light-hearted two-parter with R2-D2 and C-3PO eagle-eyed fans will get a kick out of the salute to the Disney theme park attraction Star Tours!
  • He blamed his editors "who should have picked it up", declared it to be the "best question I've had in years", called the eagle-eyed reader up to the stage and gave the boy £20.
  • What's more, eagle-eyed observers had been finding evidence of fraudulent foreclosure activity as far back as 2003 we'll make some more information available on that score shortly.

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