IPA: ˈigɝ


  • a tidal bore


  • Obsolete form of eager. [Desirous; keen to do or obtain something.]

Examples of "eagre" in Sentences

  • _ 'But like an _eagre_ rode in triumph o'er the tide.'
  • Eagre is the old English word for vinegar, which is just "wine-eagre."
  • Then we are caught into the primal beauty of earth, and life flows in upon us like an eagre.
  • Agar (the Humber eagre), and this year each fond father dreads lest his daughter will be chosen for the victim.
  • As we met the roaring eagre we felt the engine leap, as Schwartz's hesitation left him and he opened the throttle.
  • "He's eagre, and she's mustard; and they'll none mix ill -- but they'll set folks 'throats a-fire as meddles wi' 'em."
  • A large wave like an eagre, diverging from its bow, was extending to either bank, swamping the tules and threatening to submerge the lower levees.
  • Friday The 13th was the nail in the coffin - the movie was so eagre to both reinvent itself and cater to fans at the same time that it completely forgot to remind us why Jason is such a horror badass.
  • [Footnote 90: 'An eagre:' a tide swelling above another tide -- observed on the River Trent.] [Footnote 91: 'Short and Hobbes:' two physicians who attended on the king.] [Footnote 92: 'King:' King David.] [Footnote 93: 'The prophet:' Elijah.] *****

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