ear canal

IPA: ˈɪrkʌnˈæɫ


  • (anatomy) The tube or meatus running from the outer ear to the eardrum through which sound enters.

Examples of "ear-canal" in Sentences

  • After repeated spells of dizziness and nausea, my doctor diagnosed ear-canal stones.
  • If you don't mind headphones that reach inside your ear-canal, then in-ear headphones are a decent choice.
  • The collection ranges from £34.95 for the MX 680 in-ear buds, to £59.95 for the CX 680 ear-canal headphones.
  • The EM3s are larger than the other two products, and tend to irritate the tragus, the flap of skin and cartilage protecting the ear-canal opening.
  • Tanto; although the Tanto is more geared for outright fighting, it's also a great rib-stabbing and cutting knife, and also an excellent ear-canal knife.
  • The EarJams clip on to the existing iPod/iPhone earbuds, so I can still use my iPhone mike/control, and they come with three sizes of ear-canal doodads, so they fit almsot any earsize.
  • "The audio signature is tuned to the individual's ear-canal size and shape, allowing us to tune the audio for time, phase and accuracy," says founder Jerry Harvey, whose clients include Bon Jovi and Lady Gaga.
  • The CX 380 priced at £50, one pair from the range of five, features the ear-canal system with noise isolating method to minimize the external noise, while PMX 80 with a band shape and single-side cable is ideal for runners and sportsmen and cost only £35.

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