IPA: ˈɝɫˈoʊb


  • Alternative spelling of ear lobe [The lower, exterior, fleshy, bulbous part of the human ear.]

ear lobe

IPA: ˈɪrɫoʊb


  • The lower, exterior, fleshy, bulbous part of the human ear.
  • The fleshy patch of skin below the ear tuft of a chicken.

Examples of "earlobe" in Sentences

  • Attached earlobes are a recessive phenotype.
  • A device is placed on the finger or earlobe.
  • The earlobe is the most common body piercing.
  • I've heard that the earlobe never stops growing.
  • The laryngospasm notch is located just behind the earlobe.
  • I felt two fingers grasp my right earlobe so hard it hurt!
  • The 'laryngospasm notch' is located just behind the earlobe.
  • The earlobe is inserted between these two parts of the instrument.
  • Do you have a piercing in a place other than your earlobe, or not?
  • The piercing and stretching of earlobes is common among the Maasai.
  • The piercing and stretching of earlobes is common among the aboriginals.
  • He nipped her earlobe, sending a frisson of excitement along her nerves.
  • Can a pat on the head and rub of the earlobe truly replace the lip to lip
  • She got to her feet, tilting her head to the side and waggling her earlobe.
  • She stands on her tiptoes and playfully bites my earlobe, her gaze never leaving our mirrored reflection.
  • “I have a very good friend with the same name,” she continued while lightly brushing his earlobe with the tip of her tongue.
  • About 2 hours ago: "I think he wore an earring at some point, you could see the little divot in his earlobe — how long ago and why?"
  • Eris tucked hair behind her ear, revealing three piercings in her earlobe and a tribal line tattoo behind and beneath her ear, along the hairline.
  • When he left, he went to a brothel, cut off his lower earlobe and left it with a prostitute named Rachel, asking her to “keep this object carefully”.
  • Mindy kisses me behind the earlobe, creates cold, goose-skin magic, while Stacie floats to the CD player as though propelled by her own talismanic energy, as though her feet never touch the carpet.

Examples of "ear-lobe" in Sentences

  • I pulled absently at my ear-lobe, fascinated by this spirited female.
  • He held her to his ear, and did not wince as she set a drill to his ear-lobe.
  • “Is that so bad?” he asked, nibbling her ear-lobe, kissing the base of her neck, driving her crazy.
  • Before she could tense up at his words, Deke nipped her ear-lobe and trailed his mouth down her jaw.
  • Even if a tiny ruby twinkled in her ear-lobe, and a lush fur-lined cloak sheltered her body from the night wind.
  • The tapering finger of the lovely, and her soul-deluding ear-lobe, are decoration enough without a turquoise ring or ear-jewel.
  • One, whose bloated ear-lobe flapped like a fan upon his shoulder, caught up a gorgeous flower of orange and scarlet and with it decorated the monstrous ear that flip-flapped with his every movement.
  • Her breasts advertised at the one time her maturity and youth; and, if by nothing else, her sex was advertised by the one article of finery with which she was adorned, namely a pig's tail, thrust though a hole in her left ear-lobe.
  • Flying-Fish Troupe, World's Aeronaut Trapeze Wonder, gloved and ringleted, beaded of eyelash and pink of ear-lobe, the teeth somewhat crookedly, but pearlily white because the lips were so red, the parasol long and impudently parrot-handled, gilt mesh bag clanking against a cluster of sister baubles.

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