IPA: ˈɪrʃˈeɪpt


  • having a shape resembling an ear

Examples of "ear-shaped" in Sentences

  • Imagine the sales of Union Jack tea towels and mugs with ear-shaped handles as King Charles got ready to take the throne?
  • Their hostess, a skilled home cook, wowed them with the vegetable-laden sauce and hand-made orecchiette a small ear-shaped pasta.
  • But it is hard to find anyone from Turin eating orecchiette e cime di rape ear-shaped pasta with turnip greens or a Sicilian ordering saffron risotto.
  • But when it came time to cut the dumplings off into signature squares, something possessed me to try smushing them into the ear-shaped pasta orecchiette instead.
  • In 2006, as shown in the gallery video, surgeons in Los Angeles installed a porous polyethylene ear-shaped prosthesis in his forearm and then snugged his skin down over it.
  • The mystery cake is what I imagine Van Gogh's ear looked like when he cut it off and sent it to that prostitute. *shudder* Seriously... if you turn your head, it's totally ear-shaped!
  • The pre-theater menu runs throughout dinner on Sunday and includes one of my favorite dishes as an option: ear-shaped pasta with diced acorn squash, walnuts and a light, sage-scented butter sauce.
  • It combines those little ear-shaped pasta with olive oil, goat cheese, parsley, a pinch of red pepper flakes, some toasted hazelnuts, and some toasted breadcrumbs in a dish that is so fast, so comforting, and so easy that it should be in everyone's repertoire for "what's for dinner" emergencies.

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