ear trumpet

IPA: ˈɪrtrˈʌmpʌt


  • A conical device designed to channel sound to the apex, placed in the ear to serve as a hearing aid.

Examples of "ear-trumpet" in Sentences

  • Grandet made an ear-trumpet of his hand, and the president repeated his words.
  • Happy birthday to vulpine137 -- may your ear-trumpet and bathchair never let you down!
  • Doctor, who looked about inquisitively, as Miss Pix dropped the company in a heap into his ear-trumpet.
  • And they drew up the chairs; and dealt the cards; and Morris chaffed his mother-in - law down her ear-trumpet and they played rubber after rubber.
  • That's great – back in the day Bros had a large, highly dedicated fanbase, so we're sure that they'll go crazy for the reunion just as soon as someone shouts news about it into their ear-trumpet.
  • With this formidable announcement, the old lady opened a prodigious leather bag, from which she never parted night or day, and took out an ear-trumpet of the old-fashioned kind — something between a key-bugle and a French horn.
  • "If I were a doctor of medicine," said he, jerkily, "I should bring my patients to see you"; at which Miss Pix nodded to him most vehemently, and the Doctor wagged his ear-trumpet in delight at the retort which he thought he had made.
  • Think of the lion and the tiger and the leopard, and then think of man — that poor thing! — the animal of the wig, the ear-trumpet, the glass eye, the porcelain teeth, the wooden leg, the trepanned skull, the silver wind-pipe — a creature that is mended and patched all over from top to bottom.
  • He had first to give a digest of Mr. Pfeiffer's speech into the ear-trumpet, and, it is feared, would have failed to bring the Doctor round without Miss Pix, who came up at the critical moment, and told him that she knew he must have known how when he was a boy, accompanied with such persuasive frolicking that the
  • But his own situation demanded his attention; and leaving the to-be unhappy young man and the to-be perplexed old gentleman to settle the difficulty over the mediating ear-trumpet, he addressed himself again to his task, and proposed to take another survey of the court, with the vague hope that his aunt might show herself with such unmistakable signs of relationship as to bring his researches to an immediate and triumphant close.

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