IPA: ˈɪreɪk


  • (medicine) A pain in the middle or inner ear.
  • (informal) Annoyance or aggravation caused by noise, especially the sound of someone nagging, complaining, issuing orders, etc.

Examples of "earache" in Sentences

  • He had an earache.
  • It was released in 2005 on Earache Records.
  • It is also the band's debut on Earache Records.
  • The album was released in 2009 by Earache Records.
  • The band continued with Earache Records until 2000.
  • I think I've got the Wikipedia equivalent of earache.
  • It was released on June 10, 1996 in the UK for Earache Records.
  • Google turns up nothing, there is no mention on the Earache site.
  • It was re issued as part of the Earache Classic Series with a DVD.
  • It shows their anger with the music industry and especially with Earache.
  • I’ll go see her tomorrow, tell her the earache was a false alarm, not an infection after all.
  • The earache is back, and it sounds for all the world as if a Chinook is trying (unsuccessfully) to take off in my head.
  • This is greatly the case with earache, which is a trouble of the nerves of the ear -- not those of hearing, but the ordinary nerves supplying the part.
  • These groups of people were often visibly disadvantaged, lacking things that we in California, and even in Bogotá, could take for granted—like a doctor to treat a bad earache.
  • I know he missed a day of school, but we can explain that away by saying his earache was a false alarm and that when the phone call came from Nancy’s sister, she packed him up and went.
  • No TAR's, no prior authorization, no withoholds on payment-just cash from a willing patient-often the same patient who never seemed to have their $10 copay with them when they came c/o "earache".
  • Or perhaps he is shot with a Winchester rifle, this being the usual mode of despatching a friend who has asked another to put him out of the world on account, perhaps, of some trifling but troublesome ailment such as earache or neuralgia, which the sufferer imagines to be incurable. [
  • Yesterday, her best bud was away (expected, and she won't be back until at least tomorrow), she had to head to the nurse's office because of an "earache" (actually, the reason her ear hurt so much is because it popped and she couldn't get it to pop back), and was invited to a classmate's birthday party next weekend.

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