IPA: ˈɪrd


  • (chiefly in combination) Having ears (of a specified type).

Examples of "eared" in Sentences

  • They'd go well with a splash of chili oil and a dog-eared copy of Good Omens.
  • He was actually me from ten years ago: scarf, dog-eared book, shoes a little scuffed.
  • An old Quran is no less holy than a shiny new one, even though the old one's dirty and dog-eared.
  • Jane, my original copy is looking a little dog-eared, but I'm one of those people who likes her books to look loved!
  • And yeah, I'll add to that you failed your own generation by no being radical enough or tying the left to some dog eared proto-marxism.
  • One of only two "eared" owls in our region of the state, these little nocturnal mouse traps frequent the same wooded environs as the large great horned owl.
  • Its content features 256 Kbps recording density, which is perceivable even for tin eared music fans like myself, and was quite unique in this market arena where 128 Kbs is dominant, with a few 192 Kbps recording.
  • Between the dubious and predatory business model and Cordish's "reputation for hardball negotiating and tin-eared community relations," the city should be laughing the Blazers brass right out of City Hall with this one.
  • (I have heard some Internet blowhards attempting to expound on what they apparently see as an inherently right-wing traditionalist heavy metal philosophy, but I am fairly sure this is simply the result of a few too many hours spent feverishly masturbating over their dog-eared copy of Lords Of Chaos.)

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