IPA: ˈɪrfɫˈæp


  • either of two flaps attached to a cap that cover the ears

Examples of "earflap" in Sentences

  • His wearing of a double earflap helmet is in fact very interesting.
  • The light gleamed on the badge pinned to the front of his earflap cap.
  • Well and ATV along with kayaks and earflap ball caps answer this question for me.
  • He shivered, turned up the heater, and then grabbed a plaid earflap hat from the table.
  • She was in her brown-and-mustard uniform again, her hair tucked up into her earflap cap.
  • Turquoise jeans, cute little earflap hats, printed tops, and layers and layers and layers.
  • The sheriff, a man built like an elm tree in a knee-length brown parka and a fur-lined earflap cap, pointed at the body.
  • There are no Jimmys or Susies or Tommys or Marys among the crop of preschoolers in striped earflap hats and Tickle boots waiting to see Santa
  • The Alpaca Accessories collection from Peru offers novelty reversible handknit hats, crochet earflap hats, and fingerless gloves in natural colors.
  • Newsboy caps and fedoras that don't cover the ears and blow away in the wind, earflap and trapper hats that look Elmer Fuddy and knit caps and bandanas that are as welcome in the office as, well sweatpants.

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