IPA: ˈɪrfʌɫ


  • (informal) an angry reprimand, castigation or telling off
  • (informal) intimate gossip

Examples of "earful" in Sentences

  • I’ll bet she’s had an earful from the koolaid mixers.
  • FTC gets an earful from the public on DRM, practically all of it anti -
  • Good, maybe an earful from the folks at home will put the stops on this wild spending frenzy that we can't afford.
  • Its going to be a long, busy Summer for incumbent Blue Dogs back home ... they are going to get an earful from the voters!
  • I was on an Alaskan cruise two years ago and got an earful from a New Jersey woman who'd moved to Hillsboro and was outraged by the airport.
  • Foreign ministers gave Nyan Win an "earful" from the opening dinner onwards, ASEAN secretary general Surin Pitsuwan told Asia Times Online on the sidelines of the meeting.
  • Southeast Asian foreign ministers gave Myanmar's military-run government an "earful" while demanding that it hold free and fair elections - a rare stand by the cautious group often accused of overlooking rights abuses in member nations.
  • Yeah, I know this is early in the process and hopefully when they go home for their August recess the senators and representatives will get an earful from the majority of people who clearly want something better than what they have right now.
  • Our image chief just isn't feeling the love: U.S. goodwill envoy Karen Hughes got a earful from a group of mostly female Indonesian Muslim students on Friday, who expressed anger at the U. S.-led invasion of Iraq and attacked Washington's foreign policies.
  • A leading newspaper editorial stated that the federal interior minister, Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao, during his visit to Beijing, got an earful from the Chinese minister of public security, Zhou Yongkang Zhou, who asked Pakistan for the umpteenth time to protect Chinese nationals working in Pakistan.

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