IPA: ˈɝɫdʌm


  • The rank of being an earl.
  • The territory controlled by an earl.

Examples of "earldom" in Sentences

  • He inherited the earldom in 1616.
  • Heirs in remainder to the earldom.
  • However the earldom continues on presently.
  • The Earldom went extinct and the Barony abeyant.
  • The account of the earldom of Ancram is puzzling.
  • The mote still carried the dignity of the earldom.
  • Give his son the earldom not this buffoon of a selfish republican.
  • The earldom of Northumberland was forfeited by the victorious Yorkists.
  • He had a warrant from the king for an earldom, but this he forbore to use.
  • The earldom of Ferrers is the senior earldom in the Peerage of Great Britain.
  • Shortly afterwards Ælfgār was restored to his earldom and a peace treaty concluded.
  • For him, the earldom was a private treasure chest, not an estate that fed thousands of people.
  • To the garter nobody can have slenderer pretensions; his family is scarce older than his earldom, which is of the youngest.
  • Gruffudd now allied himself with Ælfgār, son of Earl Leofric of Mercia, who had been deprived of his earldom of East Anglia by Harold Godwinson and his brothers.
  • One need only read the what the poet wrote to Southampton to realize that these are not the words of the holder of the oldest title in England to a much younger man whose earldom went back only three generations.
  • Augustus Hare described it as “an imitation, not a caricature of the best Italian models,” was built for R.S. Holford in 1851-53 on the site of an older house of the same name belonging to the extinct earldom of Dorchester.

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