IPA: ˈɝɫinʌs


  • The condition of being early.

Examples of "earliness" in Sentences

  • The earliness is another advantage for plaintiffs, he said.
  • My husband and I actually have the opposite problem: chronic earliness.
  • It’s earliness is evident in that it isn’t as developed and is actually rather boring.
  • They loose early potency and sort of go down a lineage, so you loose that 'earliness' of the stem cells.
  • While all the fans at our sports bar seemed cheerful and well-behaved not a single fist-fight broke out just for the hell of it (perhaps owing to the earliness of the hour) it would be misleading to call them anything other than passionate about their team.
  • The researchers concluded that their samples were: "an important genetic reservoir of variability for useful characters such as earliness, short stem, high number of fertile tillers [see picture overpage], long spikes, dense spikes, high number of seeds per spike 'weight of kernels per spike, and protein content."

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