early childhood

IPA: ˈɝɫitʃˈaɪɫdhʊd


  • (chiefly uncountable, psychiatry, sociology) A stage in human development, generally including toddlerhood and some time afterwards.

Examples of "early-childhood" in Sentences

  • It would be twenty years before Congress again came to grips with the issues of child poverty and early-childhood development.
  • In recent years scholars have developed a whole research literature on early-childhood development and the value of quality preschool.
  • We trail them by an even wider margin in spending for early-childhood education, with the result that too many of our children enter public school unprepared to learn.
  • Mainstream America took another decade to confront the issues of working women, and years passed before business and civic leaders got serious about early-childhood development.
  • When he spoke to meetings of local business leaders, people who were often skeptical of federal early-childhood programs, he would ask for a show of hands by those who had attended nursery school.
  • The short answer with regard to sex is that Gaard's fetishistic, sometimes ribald imagery stems in part from what he has identified as early-childhood traumas, his struggles with bipolar disorder, as well as his exposure early on, growing up in Chicago in the 1950s and attending art school at the Art Institute of Chicago in the late 60s, to the Hairy Who and the Chicago Imagists.

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