early days

IPA: ˈɝɫidˈeɪz


  • A time too soon to make a decision or come to a conclusion.
  • The initial period of an innovation
  • Initial stages of a project.

Examples of "early-days" in Sentences

  • San Lorenzo Bay is also called Bahia de las Perlas, from the pearls found in its waters in the early-days; it is related that in 1531 five pecks were sent to
  • Hunter credits Pivotlink's ease of use, compared to the "inflexible" ERP system, with its early-days deployment and more recent expansion as the executive interface of choice.
  • A New York Times story today details the woes of a firm called Intertainer, an early-days distributor of on-demand movies over cable and phone lines that shut its doors in 2002.
  • MobiTV, which currently operates on the already available 3G cellular networks, professed its love for WiMAX earlier this year, so it already has some experience in these early-days discussions.
  • Now, the Ledger shot is early-days, and Warner is deliberately testing the waters, hinting, holding back cards, not really showing anything ... so it's way, way too early to make any concrete judgments.
  • The family and friends who attend early-days weddings bear this uncertainty, too, and our unflagging ability to do so reflects well our society's steadfastly optimistic nature in the face of the divorce rate.
  • A general (and early-days) overview of the portfolio of stuff (we're not just doing games, of course) can be found at the Guardian, although I've also been getting some more very nice newer ideas across my desk recently, verrrry nice.
  • I'm at a loss to understand why a show with so much buzz and flash as Good Christian Belles formerly Bitches, which seems to have the oomph and panache of early-days Desperate Housewives, is being held back — when it would make the perfect Sunday companion piece for the increasingly enfeebled antics on Wisteria Lane.
  • Lovett's peers Lucinda Williams, Nanci Griffith and Robert Earl Keen appear as well -- and all are shown performing in excellent early-days video clips -- but Bryant and Barham are equally fond of performers casual folk fans might not know: men like Don Sanders and Eric Taylor, whose work influenced those, like Lovett, who went on to stardom.

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