early on

IPA: ˈɝɫiˈɑn


  • Early in a process.


  • At an early stage.

Examples of "early-on" in Sentences

  • So often, if there is a real problem — or even a herd of them — it will rear its head early-on.
  • John is the son of John Kluge, the founder of Metromedia, a multibillion-dollar, early-on media empire.
  • In matters of poor writing and/or editing (especially early-on, when I was getting a lot of self-published stuff), I called the book what it was.
  • Meanwhile, in the ancient Greek setting that we learn early-on exists inside the diamond, a simple goatherd named Daphnis is charged with heresy.
  • Or, will Microsoft admit early-on that they are willing to become an open-source/Linux player and abandon Windows in order to prevent the loss of Yahoo staff? — dunegoon
  • Fernando Diaz (Managing Editor of Hoy Chicago): Fernando's newsroom rise has been mostly Chicago-centric (he worked early-on at the Democrat & Chronicle in Rochester, New York) .
  • Other ways to get a sense of urgency early-on can include some sort of strong attitude from the narrator that makes them seem interesting or makes the narrative voice distinctive.

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