IPA: ˈɪrmʌf


  • A garment to keep the ears warm.
  • A garment or part worn over a single ear.
  • A sound-deadening cup or a pair of such cups worn over the ear or ears.

Examples of "earmuff" in Sentences

  • And thanks for supplying earmuffs for me.
  • Two common forms of protection against noise are earplugs and earmuffs.
  • Dennis Kucinich left politics to open a chain of big and tall earmuff stores.
  • Image: Courtesy David A. Greenwood 1858: Chester Greenwood, inventor of the earmuff, is born.
  • After buying and testing five earmuff-headset combos, though, we saw that assumption turned upside-down.
  • Gordini USA, an Essex Junction, Vt., ski-glove maker, branched out into earmuff-headsets about 18 months ago.
  • Howard Leight isn't a hi-fi company—it specializes in industrial and consumer-grade hearing protection—so not surprisingly the Sync is essentially an earmuff crossed with a pair of headphones.
  • Is there an electric earmuff out there that 1. amplifies ambient sounds, 2. shuts out gunfire, and 3. is small enough to be worn under a hat or a hood, not clank against your stock when you shoulder your weapon, etc.?
  • In Illinois, a three-judge district court upheld Illinois '4th Congressional District-the famous "earmuff" district (see district top right above) - against a Shaw challenge, and the Supreme Court summarily affirmed that decision.
  • Freedom comes from the man who dissed Oprah, complained that the Tony-winning musical Spring Awakening was a bastardization of the 1891 Frank Wedekind play (which Franzen himself had recently translated from the German), called book critic Michiko Kakutani "the stupidest person in New York," and claimed such affectations as writing in an earmuff-and-blindfold-equipped sensory-deprivation chamber.

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