IPA: ˈɝn


  • A river in Perth and Kinross council area, Scotland, which flows into the tidal River Tay.
  • Alternative form of erne [A sea eagle (Haliaeetus), especially the white-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla)]
  • Initialism of European Academic and Research Network: a former computer network connecting universities and research institutions across Europe.


  • (transitive) To gain (success, reward, recognition) through applied effort or work.
  • (transitive) To receive payment for work.
  • (intransitive) To receive payment for work.
  • (transitive) To cause (someone) to receive payment or reward.
  • (transitive) To achieve by being worthy of.
  • (transitive, archaic) To curdle (milk), especially in the cheesemaking process.
  • (intransitive, obsolete) Of milk: to curdle, espcially in the cheesemaking process.
  • (transitive, obsolete) To strongly long or yearn (for something or to do something).
  • (intransitive, obsolete) To grieve.

Examples of "earn" in Sentences

  • He earned great obloquy.
  • He earns seventy bucks a day.
  • The watchman earns lots of money.
  • As a scullion, he does not earn a lot.
  • He earned $500 for selling the reptile.
  • Wiktor earned a degree in pharmaceutics.
  • But by this conduct he earned great obloquy.
  • Earned the Gold Statuette at the Davey Awards.
  • He earned the majority of the plaudit in the ceremony.
  • But this has the effect of double counting the earnings.
  • I don't think foxsports should abuse the word "earn" like this.
  • Letting those who earn money keep what they earn is NOT redistribution of wealth.
  • It's probably one of the most valuable things an employee can earn from a manager.
  • In my case, incidentally, the choice of writing in English was certainly motivated by wanting to earn from the writing.
  • A few white collar technically trained folks, however, may never again earn the money they made in the mid to late 1990s.
  • After about a half-mile or so, the grade steepens considerably and the meaning of the phrase "earn one's turns" becomes clear.
  • "We are going to talk with them and listento them and we are going to walk amongst them and again earn their support this November."
  • Moreover, their partners generally pay no more than 15 percent in taxes on most of the money they earn from the firm, compared with the top individual rate of 35 percent ....
  • I found out it will take me 803 years to earn what Mark Teixeira will earn in one year (actually playing about 8 of those months) and I am using the term earn loosely (Does any anyone really earn that kind of money for playing a game?)

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