IPA: ˈɝnɝ


  • One who earns money.
  • (Britain, Australia) A profitable product or scheme; something that brings in good money.

Examples of "earner" in Sentences

  • Enforcement as a 'revenue earner'.
  • He became a trustworthy and good earner.
  • Tourism is a major foreign currency earner.
  • Twenty five percent of the first earner....
  • She is now the primary earner in the family.
  • Twenty five percent of the first earner. ...
  • Tourism is the major money earner for Guadeloupe.
  • It is now the biggest money earner in the islands.
  • Castellano was a major earner as a capo in the family.
  • They are probably US citizens, and now their primary wage earner is in jail.
  • Once you were hired as a part time minimum wage earner, that is where you stayed.
  • The wage earner is killed by a doctor addicted to drugs and because of this kills the wage earner.
  • She is a big wage earner, which is good for her but get off the Obummer band wagon and be proud already!.
  • I’ll jump to the chase: In the bottom three quintiles, a French wage earner is pulling in more than an American.
  • Well then, what percentage of the FICA contribution of a $40,000 earner is being used to fund the current discretionary portion of the Federal budget?
  • Great story and more proof, Cyra, that the average wage earner is not a degenerate junkie milking the system as the Right likes to pretend … Great job!
  • So, even though the high earner is paying four times as much, he only has to work 1 hour for every 19 hours that the less well off family does to pay their taxes.
  • Tourism, banking and property are big money earners, having overtaken the traditional trades of fishing, turtle hunting and shipbuilding and made the islands financially self sufficient.
  • But the oil wells can be run virtually independently of the rest of the economy; so, though to a lesser extent, can the diamond industry, Angola's second big earner, which is managed by South Africans.
  • To take from a man his earnings, is theft; but to take the earner is a compound, life-long theft; and we who profess to follow in the footsteps of our Redeemer, should do our utmost to extirpate slavery from the land.

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