earnest money

IPA: ˈɝnɪstmˈʌni


  • (chiefly US) Money paid as a deposit to show intent to buy or to reserve an item to be purchased; especially, money accompanying an offer to buy real estate.

Examples of "earnest-money" in Sentences

  • Give me your earnest-money and come for the receipt to-morrow.
  • They test the grain and name a price, pressing earnest-money on my father.
  • His face gave the lie direct to his speech, and his little manœuvre for keeping the earnest-money failed ignobly.
  • That innocent act would constitute grounds for the buyer to cancel the contract and get the earnest-money deposit back.
  • Mr. Tchornobai did not get excited; he spoke so reasonably, with such dignity, that I could not help ‘honouring’ the old man; I gave him the earnest-money.
  • He brings the Badawin with him; talks them over to fair terms; sees the “Arbun,” or earnest-money, delivered to them; and is answerable for their not failing in their engagement.
  • If the real estate agent is not familiar with the way you do business, he will try to convince you that he must act as a go-between, and he will try to present your earnest-money agreement to the seller himself.
  • We opened the proceedings with “We want men, and not camels,” and the conversation proceeded in the purest Hijazi. 3 After much discussion, we agreed, if compelled to travel by the Darb al-Sharki, to pay twenty dollars for two camels,4 and to advance Arbun, or earnest-money, to half that amount. 5
  • The supposed Spaniard might absorb the earnest-money, Lucien might build up his fortune with the stones of her tomb, a single night of pleasure might cost the old banker so many thousand-franc notes more or less, Europe might extract a few hundred thousand francs by more or less ingenious trickery, — none of these things troubled the enamored girl; this alone was the canker that ate into her heart.

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