IPA: ˈɝnɪŋz


  • Wages, money earned, income.
  • (finance) Business profits.
  • (finance) Gains on investments; returns.

Examples of "earnings" in Sentences

  • But this has the effect of double counting the earnings.
  • The obvious one out of this earnings is their web services.
  • The payment reported by the Fed came from $46.1 billion in earnings from the securities it held last year.
  • They are pleased to be giving their entire academic salaries to their orders; that they can share their earnings is a source of joy and pride.
  • Marvel has reported millions of dollars in earnings from the film but has told Lee the company has seen no “profits” as defined by their contract.
  • Yes governemtn employees pay taxes but the source of their earnings is the private sector tax payer and their taxes are nothing more than a give back to their employer.
  • Astec Industries, which among other things makes equipment for asphalt paving, sells for 17 times expected next-12-month earnings, which is reasonable relative to forecasts for long-term earnings growth.
  • The reason why Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull could edge out The Dark Knight in earnings is because it has the character's name, Indiana Jones, right smack there at the beginning of the title.
  • CEO William Zollars also told analysts after the earnings release that an “unusually harsh winter” had driven up costs and created an “earnings shortfall in January and early February that we had not initially planned.
  • In his property man creates for and about himself a little world which as the product of his labor, belongs to him, which he calls his earnings, and for which he has consequently a moral right to recognition and respect on the part of others.

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