IPA: ˈɪrfoʊn


  • A transducer that converts electric signals into sound and is held near the ear, especially as part of a telephone; an earpiece or headphone.

Examples of "earphone" in Sentences

  • JessicaHere, put this earphone on.
  • It is a nice piece in foldable earphones.
  • I guess it does not affect the earphone by much.
  • The sound with mine is tinny even with earphones.
  • This current can be converted to sound by the earphone.
  • The included earphones reflect the colour of the device.
  • Instead of a speaker, a high impedance earphone is a must.
  • Joel, earphone should be interchangeable with earbud, I think.
  • A high performance and extremely compact earphone is disclosed.
  • Instead I put the earphone up against the front of the microphone.
  • In any case you should clean and disinfect the earphones regularly.
  • For this gaijin, could you explain how a “headphone” is different from an “earphone.”
  • And also means that the bottom-connected earphone jack is now at the "top," which is more convenient.
  • The time has come for men and women of good will to begin playing an exciting new game called earphone keggling.
  • While Pillowhead remembers sitting around during lunch break, "sharing an earphone each with friends or, if you were lucky, a girl".
  • One company, earphone maker Skullcandy Inc., ended its first day flat; another, SunCoke Energy Inc., rose 6%, and a third, from real-estate website Zillow Inc., popped 79%.
  • Moving away from cases, this is an earphone device of a kind that's become important since the iPod generation 3 was introduced, allowing for remote control and a microphone.
  • I find it much easier to put the plug/earphone part in and then tug my earlobe to open the ear canal with thumb & forefinger whilst pushing the earphone in with my middle finger.
  • Be aware, though, that this kind of earphone makes noise itself: whenever you're walking, or even just touching the cord, you may hear an unwelcome addition to your music - because of the earplug effect.
  • Earphone technology and alien cyborg designs come together in the Sensaphonics 3MAX triple-driver custom earphone, which is being touted as the only triple-driver earphone with the long-wearing comfort of soft-gel silicone earpieces.

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