IPA: ˈɪrpis


  • A speaker placed inside or held near to the ear.
  • A receiver of a telephone to hold near to one's ear.
  • The arm on a pair of glasses that hooks over the ear to hold them in place.

Examples of "earpiece" in Sentences

  • Headphones developed from the earpiece.
  • From the earpiece developed the headphones.
  • Here's the earpiece. There's a new battery.
  • The defect was found to be in the earpiece design.
  • The musicians wore earpieces to hear the playback.
  • Single earpiece headsets are known as monaural headsets.
  • Bond puts on the earpiece and exits, breaking the door handle.
  • Headsets can come in single earpiece and double earpiece designs.
  • The listener with the hearing loss carries a receiver and an earpiece.
  • A regular fault is that the earpiece will stop working and fail completely.
  • The excuse with the earpiece is very lame, but the management can’t use this “technical problem” every time she sings live.
  • Dr. Keith Black, for example, who is the chairman of neurosurgery at Cedars, suggests always using a wired earpiece, which is something that he does.
  • The MoGo Talk's Bluetooth headset also features a folding earpiece, which is pretty much a necessity so it can fold flat and piggyback in the iPhone case.
  • UPDATE: The main article I link to below has been pulled, so we should assume that the author's allegation, that Romney's staff admits he wears an earpiece, is no longer proven.
  • On TV, what's going on in your earpiece is the most important thing; you have to try to take notice of that – but that's quite hard when you're trying to have a serious conversation with someone.
  • The X10 has a couple of issues - the earpiece is a bit on the quiet side, so if you're the kind of person who finds yourself trying to communicate in noisy bars and clubs you might have some issues with it.

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