IPA: ˈɪrpɫʌg


  • A piece of protective gear meant to be inserted in the ear canal to protect the wearer's hearing from loud noises or the intrusion of water.


  • (transitive) To fit with earplugs.

Examples of "earplug" in Sentences

  • The earplug is a 4 segment type.
  • The men did not wear the earplugs.
  • The earplug was not very effective.
  • The figurines often have earplug flares.
  • The store did not even sell the earplugs.
  • The teens were wearing protective earplugs.
  • Hearing protection consists of muffs or earplugs.
  • Formable earplugs are made of a variety of substances.
  • The band aides in maintaining the earplug in position.
  • Earplugs are a lowercost solution to stopping the sound.
  • One tip would be to get actual earplug style headphones.
  • How about an earplug hack: filters from (unused) cigarettes? colorebel
  • "They're on 37th and Park," I heard one operative wearing an earplug whisper to another.
  • There was an earplug lying slug-dead on an empty chair and a sign reading INSERT EARPLUG IN EAR, PLACE YOUR
  • If they can send a man to the moon, for God's sake, why couldn't they invent a total sound-deafening earplug?
  • The torture eventually became so great that I started bringing a transistor radio, and an earplug, to listen to Yankee games.
  • I removed my right earplug and placed it on the book cover, curious whether the cover girl could reach outside the confines of her two-dimensional world to grab it.
  • Those damn vuvuzela horns aren't pissing everybody off in South Africa -- TMZ has learned earplug sales have gone through the roof since the World Cup began on Thursday. 
  • And certainly, I can empathize with the idea that there are moments where certainly, you always look for opportunities to be able to do your job and to do it well, but there are times when I have definitely wanted to put in the metaphoric earplug.

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