IPA: ˈɪrʃɑt


  • A distance from which sound is still audible.

Examples of "earshot" in Sentences

  • Check anywhere within earshot of the fireworks.
  • Team members stay within earshot of each other.
  • Once again recorded at Earshot Studio in Bergen.
  • Guts Pie Earshot is a band from Cologne, Germany.
  • 'Guts Pie Earshot' is a band from Cologne, Germany.
  • He told everyone within earshot that he would soon be resigning.
  • Then he stops because the man he's shouting at is out of earshot.
  • Finally, they came within earshot of the death squads and the hostages.
  • Bryan heckled, stupidly, despite being well out of Bloomberg's earshot.
  • Jimmy finishes the night by telling Draper off with Betty within earshot.
  • Those within earshot are bound to help him regardless of the circumstances.
  • He regaled all within earshot with his "war stories" in Iraq in '91 and Somalia in' 93 quote
  • Torture is something an entire society feels, whether we are within earshot of the screaming or not.
  • Unfortunately for him, he muttered “Bitch” within earshot of a Republican operative with media connections.
  • From her indignant retelling, she said that they even commented, in earshot, that she must not be a “proper Chinese”.
  • Great post – I have (much to the annoyance of anyone within earshot) always tried to read my writing aloud while editing.
  • All week long I've been telling everyone within earshot that I'm sick and tired of depressing, demoralizing stories about the baby boomers.
  • Be careful with this one – it will probably get cheesy unless the character has a plausible reason to be within earshot when the conversation starts.
  • Such as Clayton Williams, the Texas man who was idiotic enough to make the following comment about rape within earshot of a reporter while running for the gubernatorial seat:
  • And there are symbolic margins along which men get a worse deal than 100 years ago - modern males are probably more afraid to make sexist remarks within earshot of their wives.

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