IPA: ˈɪrspɫˈɪtɪŋ


  • Extremely loud, painfully loud.

Examples of "earsplitting" in Sentences

  • The uproar would be earsplitting and I would be deemed a vandal.
  • As we went inside, we heard the earsplitting crack of lightning strike.
  • With an earsplitting shriek I plunged it down toward its target, as hard as I could.
  • There's an earsplitting boom and Stephen Lang hits the deck hard as the windows implode.
  • The detector resumed its earsplitting shriek as I chucked the box of flour into the oven.
  • Those three earsplitting beeps were a death knell: the demise of all my planning and scheming.
  • Inside the kitchen, the alarm was earsplitting and smoke poured out of the oven in thick, gray curls.
  • Bravo Company fired back long-barreled 105 mm howitzers, which rocketed off with an earsplitting report.
  • The audio was even more terrifying than the imagery - earsplitting wind, objects getting smashing, wailing children and a woman praying repeatedly.
  • I had been the one up nursing the baby through his earsplitting demands, gritting my teeth through the pain of what had to be another clogged milk duct, on the right side this time.

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