earth tremor

IPA: ˈɝθtrˈɛmɝ


  • (geology) A small earthquake, or seismic event.

Examples of "earth-tremor" in Sentences

  • Then they realized that another earth-tremor was making the whole island tremble.
  • A ground-shock has to be rather sharp to be felt as an earth-tremor at eighty miles.
  • There was a twenty-second interval between the static and the arrival of the earth-tremor waves.
  • The dead miners, aged 39 and 46, were the first earth-tremor victims in OKD's mines this year, he said.
  • "Where would you go?" inquired Tom, looking out across the tumbling ocean, which had hardly had a chance to subside from the gale, ere it was again set in a turmoil by the earth-tremor.
  • The poem pokes fun at seminars, critics and publishers, but it is a different thing for the poet: while actually you are learning to walk with it, to lie against it, our earth-tremor, your vibrato turning you slowly into song.
  • Daden’s web integration technology then allows data from a variety of web and real-world sources to be plotted on the map – ranging from BBC news feeds and US Geological Survey (USGS) earth-tremor data to GPS data and the real-time location of aircraft flying over Los Angeles Airport.
  • A few seconds later, as he waited for a repetition of the earth-tremor, knowing now full well that he had for the first time experienced a couple of earthquake shocks, there came from away in front a deep heavy boom, following a strange rushing sound, evidently from the summit of the volcano -- the huge safety-valve from which the pent-up forces of the earth escaped to the open air.

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