IPA: ɪɫˈɛvʌn


  • (cricket) A cricket team of eleven players. Hence first eleven - the team of best cricket players (at a school), second eleven - the "B" team, etc.
  • (soccer) A football team of eleven players; the starting lineup.
  • (countable, US, slang) A number off the charts of a hypothetical scale of one to ten.
  • An exceptional specimen, (particularly) a physically attractive person.
  • A very high level of intensity.
  • (Internet, slang, sarcastic) Deliberate misspelling of !!. Used to amplify an exclamation, imitating someone who forgets to press the shift key while typing exclamation points.

Examples of "eleven" in Sentences

  • They are the parents of eleven children.
  • The grueling workday lasted eleven hours.
  • He was the last of the eleven gandharas to die.
  • Linus joins the Eleven in the celebrations afterward.
  • There are eleven courts in three magisterial districts.
  • Caldwell is the last to be recruited to the Eleven for the Benedict job.
  • The number of the krisnitorya is impair, usually between five and eleven.
  • The tadpoles live in the water where they hatched for seven to eleven weeks.
  • At the start of the tour the children were aged eleven and seven respectively.
  • At the start of the tour, the children were aged eleven and seven respectively.

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