IPA: ɪfˈɛmɝʌɫ


  • Something which lasts for a short period of time.


  • Lasting for a short period of time.
  • (biology) Existing for only one day, as with some flowers, insects, and diseases.
  • (geology, of a body of water) Usually dry, but filling with water for brief periods during and after precipitation.

Examples of "ephemeral" in Sentences

  • The net tends to be pretty ephemeral.
  • It is the nature of fads that they are ephemeral.
  • Our seeming dominance over the world is illusory and ephemeral.
  • A couple of questions for the ephemeral and anonymous Futrzakus.
  • The Ephemeral Museum is the first ephemeral art museum in the world.
  • I cut and pasted from the catalogue since the citation is ephemeral.
  • However, the political ramifications and effect of the poem were ephemeral.
  • An example of something ephemeral is when you look at the sunset in the sky.
  • The ephemeral nature of the content would make it ideal for such a consumable.
  • Each ephemeral flower opens in the evening and closes by the following morning.
  • How, then, with that kind of history, do you think the government will fare attempting to prevent the flow of something so ephemeral is “electronic bits” around the world?
  • When your entire brand is built on the temporary, fleeting, and inevitably obsolete currency of youthful physical beauty, sexual allure, and cultural status, the word "ephemeral" comes to mind.

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