IPA: ˈivnɪŋ


  • A vague time of day sometime between sunset and midnight.
  • The time of the day between the approximate time of midwinter dusk and midnight (compare afternoon); the period after the end of regular office working hours.
  • (figuratively) A concluding time period; a point in time near the end of something; the beginning of the end of something.
  • A party or gathering held in the evening.

Examples of "evening" in Sentences

  • Dusk is the beginning of darkness in the evening.
  • In mosquitoes the emergence is in the evening or night.
  • Late in the evening Kullan comes up to Raman and gloats.
  • It is sluggish early in the morning and late in the evening.
  • It was on one such gloaming evening, a warm one in late summer.
  • Sluggish caterpillar which feeds mainly in the evening and at night.
  • In the late evening, a large bonfire is held in the centre of the park.
  • That night, the Matins of Lamentation is normally celebrated in the evening.
  • In the evening and at night, however, the spider sits in the center of the web.
  • In many cultures the term evening is linked to time of day when people have their main meal of the day.
  • In many cultures, the term evening is linked to the time of day when people have their main meal of the day.
  • The bulls emerged in the late hours of the trading session to attack the bears - so the term evening attack.
  • By chance this evening is also a meeting for parents, etc., of gifted students and I agreed to go to that since it's downtown and they're going to provide my dinner (and it gets done before Wyrdsmiths starts).
  • Senate: The first big race to watch of the evening is the race for Jim Bunning's seat that pits Rand Paul (R, son of Ron Paul, a Tea Party and libertarian favorite) against Jack Conway (D, State Attorney General).
  • When candles are brought into the tent at night, the servant wishes the company a good evening: he says "_M'sah elkhere_," the literal meaning of which is "_Good be with you this evening_;" which salutation it is courteous to return, even to a slave; and if any one, however great his rank, were not to return it, he would be considered a bad muselman, a disaffected and inhospitable barbarian.

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